Great Barrier Reef Gallery

 The Great Barrier Reef. Queensland, Australia.

Please contact me for more details on any of these paintings. 

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***Some colours may vary on your viewing screen. Mostly they are more vibrant and bright!

Enjoy your trip on The Great Barrier Reef.

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Please Contact me if you have any questions.

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4 Responses to Great Barrier Reef Gallery

  1. Barbara Payne says:

    hi Lyn saw your art on CIYL just wonderful. I love painting fish and wondered if you do workshops or sessions please.

    Regards Barbara

    • says:

      Hi Barbara. If you sign up via the email link on this site we can send you updates on new workshops, online webinars etc. Thanks for your comment. It is nice to know what people are interested in, and we can work towards workshops for requests such as yours for fish. Thanks again.

  2. Barbara Payne says:

    Hi Leanne

    Hope this is the correct email link for signing up for updates on workshops with Lyn.

    Regards Barbara

    • says:

      Hi Barbara. I signed you up to the correct link. Look in your email inbox and confirm your conscription to stay updated. Welcome. Lyn will be in touch soon. x

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