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  1. Deborah Arnokd says:

    I loved watching you painting on colour your life. You’re creative. As I asked before, “do you ever do any workshops in Adelaide?” If so, I would love to do one! I’ve grown uo around the sea & love it.
    Regards Deborah

    • says:

      Hi Deborah. If you sign up via the email link on this site we can send you updates on new workshops, online webinars etc. that we can make a plan for Lyn’s next workshops.

  2. Glenyce Redding says:

    Please let me know when you are having workshops in Adelaide.
    Love your vibrant, fun work.

    • says:

      Hi Glenyce. If you sign up in the email sign up section on right of the pages we can keep you in the loop. Cheers

  3. mary shannon says:

    Hope to receive your newsletter soon.Thanks,Lyn.

  4. Helene Jacobs says:

    Watched your wonderful Colour in your Life show. Are you going to do any workshops in NSW, Central Coast or near Sydney???
    thanks Helene

    • Lyn Olsen says:

      Hi Helene,

      Thank you for your kind comment re my episode. I wont be coming to NSW this year, but if there is enough interest in your area, I may be able to hold a workshop sometime next year. I am totally tied up with lessons and workshops this year and have not started on next year’s programme as yet.

      Yours in art,

  5. Dede Koll says:

    would love to see some online video workshops.
    I live in the states…So workshops for me would be tough.
    everyone is starting to go online with their workshops and just think….. you don’t need to travel as much!
    Love your work and style and mixed media…
    House Paint??? how great is that!!!!

    • says:

      Dede we are coming to the end of production of first online workshop “Build Your Coral Reef.” Hopefully this will be received well and we can continue to film more into 2016

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