Colour In Your Life TV Show

Colour In Your Life. Featuring Lyn Olsen.

This well known TV show interviews Lyn as the story behind her painting journey unfolds. Working on a coral creation, sharing techniques and ideas as the painting comes to life on the screen.

Lyn Olsen Graeme Stevenson CIYL stan

Welcome to my studio Graeme

Lyn Olsen Graeme Stevenson CIYL

Lyn Olsen and Graeme Stevenson

Lyn Olsen CIYL filming

Lights, camera…ACTION

Lyn Olsen Great Barrier Reef

Finished Creation.

10 Responses to Colour In Your Life TV Show

  1. Dora Liddy says:

    Love your Art, Lyn! Simply beautiful!!

  2. Dora Liddy says:

    Graeme, love your show! Thank you so much for giving artists the opportunity to shine!

  3. JayneHurford says:

    Wonderful art Lyn Olsen. I come from Forbes nsw and our art ladies and men may have watched Lyn some would of and would of been excited about what you do, we might all even catch up one day, I will be trying your technique and will show our Thursday art days. thanks. Jayne.

  4. Dottie cameron says:

    Do you do workshops on the Sunshine Coast Qld by any chance. Regards Dottie…love your work

    • says:

      Hi Dottie. If you sign up via the email link on this site we can send you updates on new workshops, online webinars etc. Thanks for your kind words.

  5. gunjan says:

    would like to see some tutorials .

    • Lyn Olsen says:


      We are working on some tutorials at the present time, I shall email you when they are posted, thank you for your interest. Lyn

  6. Mary Reichter says:


    Can you tell me what ink you used? Great tutorial and lovely paintings.

  7. Sherry Hill says:

    Sure enjoyed watching the tutorial and want you to know that you are an inspiration to me. Not only do I want to learn to paint such beautiful paintings but next time my husband asks me to go snorkel with him, I am going to go!

  8. Maureen Zigulis says:

    Very beautiful.

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