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Are you looking for that unique work of art for your own Lyn Olsen Artist Profile 150x200Funkywalls, as a gift or perhaps in your business, office, or resort?


Lyn Olsen’s bright, vibrant art is available in many different forms.

Originals on canvas, prints from postcard size up to extra large, mobile phone covers, cushions, tote bags and even doona covers.

Have you seen a painting that you love, but perhaps a different colour would suit your needs, then a commission is the way to go.

Lyn also now has an online school with a growing number of video workshops for you to learn the techniques, styles, tips and tricks used to create, finish, hang and send her artworks. To find out more click the Learn link below.

For more details please click the links below to buy Lyn Olsen art here:


Originals                                Commissions

On Line Workshops    Prints & Products 


Great Barrier Reef Lyn Olsen buy prints

3 Responses to Buy Lyn Olsen Art Here

  1. Good evening Lyn,

    I have had an online business since 2008 selling predominantly Australian & Aboriginal gifts, however I have just branched out and have started a second business called Downunder Designs. My initial focus is on producing my own placemats & coasters using Australian & Aboriginal artists.

    I am looking for at least 6 similar ‘Australiana – Great Barrier Reef or Beach/Ocean’ designs that will make up one theme/set. I would just like to buy the Hi-Res Images and you can retain the rights to sell the paintings or use them for personal use. (I have a contract for the use of images on merchandise that we can use, or we can use your contract). The placemat size is 34 x 26.5cm, so obviously I would need an image size that converts to this size without any quality issues. As I am trying to keep my initial start-up costs down, is it possible to purchase the images of existing paintings you have already done?

    If you could please let me know your thoughts and also what price you would be willing to accept for the set of 6, and we can hopefully go from there.

    Thanks so much Lyn,
    Kellie Murphy
    Downunder Designs

  2. Nancy Bisogno says:

    I wanted to purchase one of your teaching videos but the only way to pay was by credit card. My husband wants to know how safe that method of payment? I really love your work and would love to learn. Thank you.

    • says:

      Hi Nancy. Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. Yes that is the way at the moment. Teachable is a very reputable school and their payment gateways are professional and secure, which is why we chose them. If you would like to send Lyn an email we can try to work something out for you if your husband is still concerned.

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